PLAN bureau is one of the leading companies in interior design; its projects show the best features of creativity, talent and skills.

PLAN bureau is capable of creating modern design exceeding our clients’ expectations, supervise the installation teams, approve budgets, and engage experienced teams for coordination on projects.

The process of design development and the company management system divide each project into some key stages where each stage is much more detailed than the previous one:  conceptual stage; further concept development and 3D project visualization; detailed design.

The first stage of any project is its brief exposition. The key tasks are set up and some images aimed at inspiring and determining the clients’ tastes and preferences are found. At this stage technological, constructive and design preferences are considered, and at the last stage the budget is approved.

The purpose of the second stage is delivery of the surrounding mood and adapting the finishing materials palette. The ideas are simulated in 3D and visualized in order to let the client see the project and approve the finishing materials.

At the stage of detailed design all the ideas are developed and improved, completed and provided with detailed sketches, drawings and specifications.